Rimmel London- Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color – Review Aplus1Shimmer

Who doesn’t like to have lipstick which stays all day long? Stay Matte Liquid Lip color is what we are going to talk about. No more frequent touch ups. Yes!!

To be true I am bit lazy mommy who does not like to do touch-ups at all. And you know why?. So I prefer something that stays for long time and its easy my lips.

After testing it for few days, I would like to share my take on this lip colors.



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Be Beautiful Feel Wonderful

LANCÔME JUICY SHAKER- Product review by Aplus1shimmer.

Lancome Juicy Shaker is game changer. Leaving behind old lip gloss, which is nothing but sticky and annoying most of the time :).

This Lancome juicy shaker stands out different from other lip-gloss because of its bi- phased formula. i.e Nourishing oils and shot of  beautiful pigments. They are sitting separately in the bottle (looking like Cocktail shaker). And like cocktail shaker you have to shake it hard before use, to blend in beautiful color and oils together.



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Be Beautiful Feel Wonderful