LANCÔME JUICY SHAKER- Product review by Aplus1shimmer.

Lancome Juicy Shaker is game changer. Leaving behind old lip gloss, which is nothing but sticky and annoying most of the time :).

This Lancome juicy shaker stands out different from other lip-gloss because of its bi- phased formula. i.e Nourishing oils and shot of  beautiful pigments. They are sitting separately in the bottle (looking like Cocktail shaker). And like cocktail shaker you have to shake it hard before use, to blend in beautiful color and oils together.



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False EyeLashes

Hey Beautiful !!

Wish you a very Happy New Year!!

It has recently cross my mind, that not everyone is comfortable wearing False Lashes. Few don’t even know how can they use? What all is needed and how can you keep them for long.

I can completely understand, adding false eyelashes can be bit frightening. Especially when you want to complete your look on the special day. Today i will try to break down the fake eyelash application and make it easy for you.

  • Prepare the eye
  • Packaging and reusing
  • Measurement & Trimming
  • Lash glue

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ShimmerHack -5

Be flawless, it really annoys people 😉



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Perfect Lipstick.

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe

Make-up is an Art. Every stroke counts. Every color defines you.  Over decades, lip color have been highly used, it the one thing that gives a straight statement.

Many of you have doubt, why does lipstick bleed? , Lip color uneven? , flaky application, lipstick running all over? Oh God! Well, i quick break down and you can easily Master the art of Lipstick application

As I always tell my clients to get perfect lipstick on, keep your lips clean, hydrate and moisturized. “ShimmerHack” – Apply genrous amount of lip balm before starting your make- up.

  1. Prepare Lip– Prepping is the key‼Just like your skin, you need to exfoliate your lips with lip-scrub and generously apply lip balm for healthy looking lips. You may apply lip primer after to make color stay for longer and to stop color bleeding.
  2. Base– Apply left over foundation from your brush, it is important to conceal the uneven lip-tone or discoloration on your lips. This will help in building the color evenly creating a flawless base.


  1. Lip-liner– To achieves a polished well-defined lip, it’s really important to use good and sharp lip pencil. Drawing “X” on upper lip, just below cupid bow following the natural lip-line and two lines creating “V” at the inner corner. And then connect out-lines. Fill in the color with the lip liner.


  1. Lipstick– Choose the lipstick of your choice, take some product on the brush and start apply evenly from the inner corner. Layer your lipstick to intensify the color, or to reach desired color.
  2. Give definition– Quickly run the concealer brush on the edges to clean and correct any mistakes and Voila! your define lips are ready to pout.



Wish you, happy lip!! Post your pictures with lovely pout!!
*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.
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A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

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Shimmer Hack!! Blush :)

Blushing is the greatest complement a Lady can give a Gentleman. -Being Caballero


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Natural Look!!

Hi Beautiful Gang! How have you been with all celebration going around.

As we are seeing a new trend of makeup is making a buzz around, well-known as “Makeup but No makeup ” look.

Lets try an achieve 😉 All you need is few things, which is already there in your make-up kit.

  • Shiny Lips: According to my experience, I personally think moisturizing the lips with balm is very essential for fresh and natural appearance. Shade of light or nude colors will help you to achieve the look. If you are girl, who doesn’t like lipstick, then a good shiny gloss is what you need.


  • Natural Eyes: Every eye shape is different, therefore it important to make your eyes stand out. Light coffee coloured eye shadow and brown/black kohl will give you natural look. Always avoid lump in application of your mascara. Shimmerhack: Start from base and also cover the corner of the eye. 11
  • Blended Make up: To achieve foolproof natural look, the only strategy is Blending. Using correct Concealer and Foundation and then blending it in your skin, this will result in natural, fresh and glowing skin. I would try to avoid too much of highlighter. It will never give the result of natural look.

face.jpgI love Shimmer, that’s why little glitter on eyes.

Shimmerhack : If you have full brows, just run brow gel.

I keep this look for my Sunday brunch or coffee date and even some time, when I have to go and visit my extended family.


It’s simple and sophisticated. Let me know, your take on this.


Be Beautiful, Feel Wonderful.


Coffee Treatment!! Skin Mask

Switch on the best in you 🙂 Your Cup of Inspiration.

Do you know that grounded coffee can be used as mask as well as a scrub for your face and body?

If your answer is “Never heard of it” or “I know but not sure what good it that for”, or you just like to read about coffee or beauty tips… Next 2 minutes of your reading could give you something really interesting to try or just talk about.

So get that cup of yours and while you enjoy the aroma of coffee 😉, and read how coffee mask not only reduces dullness and tiredness but also tighten your skin and brighten your complexion.

A quick look at the ingredients and their benefits:

Coffee☕☕:  Helps in reducing inflammation, redness and dark circles under the eye. And also acts like exfoliator.

Lemon🍋 juice: A rich content of natural Vitamin C; it lightens, tightens and brightens the skin. And is also good for regulating oil production.

Honey🍯🍯: One of the best humectant, i.e. the part that locks your moisture.

Olive oil: Provides antioxidants protection, enhances exfoliation and doesn’t clog pores. When applied it helps in protecting the skin from premature skin aging as it helps to restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light.

Okay, lets get on with it now…

Coffee Scrub

Step 1 – Make your coffee, I normally use an Italian coffee press

Step 2 – Drink your coffee and relax!

Step 3 – Now use the powder left behind in the coffee press or the filter paper. Mix it with olive oil and make it like a scrubber.

Step 4 – Slowly scrub your skin for 1 or 2 mins in a circular motion; wash and pat it dry.

EffectsThis will exfoliate the skin, i.e. remove dead skin cells from the skin and allow the new skin cells to shine through.


Coffee Mask

This is my favourite; take fine coffee powder, lemon juice and honey. Mix it well and apply evenly on skin. Wash and pat it dry after 15 mins.

Effects: Tighter and brighter skin.

Shimmer hacks! Eyelashes

Eye without lashes are cake without frosting!!



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Shimmer Hack! Concealer

Discolouration, dark circle under the eye, redness or blemishes are few problem faced when trying to achieve a flawless and healthy looking skin, and in order to achieve that its important to use right concealer.

Right Color concealer-

  • Redness- Green color concealer.
  • Dark circles- Yellow/ Orange
  • Discolouration- Beige/Tan


Be Beautiful, Feel Wonderful