DIY- Lip Scrubber

Lip Scrubber‼ Hot new trend but not something new. Say bye-bye to chapped lips and hi! to beautiful smile.

A change in season means your skin needs care and so does your lips. No one likes chap lips and lipstick application makes it hard. Ask me! I face it all the time with my clients.

Just a lip balm will never solve your problem of chapped lips and what you need is to exfoliate. Yes! you are read that right. Even your lips has layer of dead skin that needs to be removed and moisturised.

Different lips scrubber are available in market with price ranging from moderate to expensive. But I find it easy to make at home, with ingredients usually available in every household.
So what all do you need? 🙂

Well – Brown sugar, Olive oil, essential oil and that’s it! Optionally, you can also add food color like the red color shown in pic.

Take a small bowl and add – 1tbs Brown Sugar, ½  tbs Olive oil, 1/2 drops of essential oil and few drops of color. Mix it together and apply slowly in circular motion on lips. You can treat your lips for few min and wash & pat it dry.






Now apply your lip balm to keep your lip soft and moisturized. I prefer Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream lip balm, its very good and favourite of most makeup artist. Saves the day 🙂

Benefits of the Ingredient

  1. Brown Sugar– Brown sugar contains glycolic acid (Alpha-hydroxyl acid), which fight against bacteria and keeps the skin vivacious & healthy. It helps to improve on sun damage and skin aging. It is again natural humectant, keeps in moisture locked and guards from destructive toxins.
  1. Olive oilIt adds antioxidant properties and locks the moisture. It is also a rich source of vitamins, including A, D, K and E.
  2. Essential oil– combats aging of the skin and heal it. Lavender and sandalwood oil works best for me! 🙂

All the best‼ And don’t forget to share your experience.

*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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